adult Therapeutic Home

Our two-year residential program is designed for adult female survivors ages 18-45 to treat each aspect of their health—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational—to fully support her on her journey to holistic recovery.

The women we serve come from across the country leaving exploitative situations where their bodies have been used and sold for the benefit and profit of others. Through lies and manipulation, beatings and abuse, loss and trauma, these women have often lost all sense of self and pride, giving up on dreams they once held for the future. 

The women we invite to stay at Eden's Glory are our honored guests. Our posture is Radical Hospitality and we strive to love deeply and consistently. We believe that healing does not come from us, but solely through Jesus. Our home offers space for six women (4 residential, 2 outpatient) to focus on healing in a family environment. We intentionally keep the environment small in reflection of Jesus: he fed the 5000, but always stopped to heal the individual. 

We dig in and deeply walk with survivors so that they may fully heal in order to thriveThe two years are completely free of cost to them. For the first year we provide space, time, and guidance to work on their emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health. In the second year we begin to help them prepare to succeed in pursuing their hopes and dreams. Some key aspects of our programming include:

Alumni Aftercare

At Eden's Glory, we recognize that every survivor's journey to healing is unique, and there are often many barriers that she will encounter beyond a two-year program. At their direction, we continue to offer guidance and support as they establish themselves beyond the home, navigate life transitions, and build healthy relationships.