A Bit of our History

In the fall of 2012 a team of passionate people gathered around a dining room table and began fighting modern slavery in Bond County, Illinois. Faced with a community unaware of trafficking, together they learned about human trafficking and explored the needs in their community. This team became a Set Free Movement task force and spearheaded efforts to pursue Zero Tolerance for injustices in their community. Within three years significant engagement had taken place through the team’s effort to network, educate, and mobilize a community. 

That's when Eden's Glory was born. An ordained minister and a licensed clinical social worker teamed up to lead and equip staff and volunteers. In 2014 we received use of a home and property. That summer, over 100 volunteers renovated the space to a comfortable, safe and inviting home. Eden's Glory added to the number of available beds for survivors in Illinois by 50%. Since opening our doors in 2015 we have been privileged to serve over 20 women ages 18-30 through a Christ-centered, two-year treatment program. Building on the legacy of our original task force, we continue to multiply our impact by educating nearly 4,000 community members annually.

In 2020 we launched Foster Kairos, our program for minors who are at-risk or who are survivors of trafficking. Through our work with adult survivors, we learned that in most cases, trafficking begins before the age of 18. Kairos is Greek meaning “an opportune moment for action and transformation.” Through trauma-informed therapy, classes, and specialized training we provide connection and support to minors and their caregivers. We come alongside families and guardians to offer support as children heal from their trauma, develop new skills, and gain knowledge that will change the trajectory of their futures. 

Every day, survivors are finding freedom and our community is being transformed because people like you choose to show up at the table. 



  • We are committed to pursuing the glory of God in all work.
  • We are committed to strength-based, trauma-informed care.
  • We are committed to a Christ-centered approach to healing and restoration.
  • We are committed to ongoing development of community partnerships.
  • We are committed to ongoing efforts to train and equip members of society in the areas of awareness, mobilization, prevention, rescue, and restoration.


Frequently asked questions

When we share our story, it often sparks questions. Find the answers below!

If you don't find your question or want to explore deeper emailoffice@edensglory.org

  • Our residents come from all over the country and sometimes, from all over the world. They find out about us in a variety of ways. Some are referred to us by a friend or coworker who has attended one of our trainings. Many come from an emergency placement program called Out of Darkness who we have built a strong working relationship with over the years. Some come to us from right off the streets or from a rehabilitation program.

  • There is common misconception that human trafficking is only an issue in other countries or big cities. This just simply isn’t true. We can cite several different stories of women, men, and children caught up in human trafficking in rural communities. From being forced into labor trafficking to being sexually exploited out of their home, these stories are real and tell us that human trafficking exists where people exist: everywhere.

  • Eden’s Glory is a fully donor-supported organization. We do not receive money from the government. We have been awarded some grants from private foundations and we benefit from the pro-bono services many professionals offer to us. However, the vast majority of our funding comes from people just like you! We are always looking for more business partnerships and monthly donors. It is our joy to keep our donors up to date on what is happening at the home through our e-newsletter. If you want to be a part of our donor family, Invest Today

  • One of the many aspects of healing our staff learned early on was to cling to the identity of being seed-planters. By this we mean that we look at every day a woman is in our home, with food to eat, someone to talk to, a bed to sleep in, and a place to belong as one more day we get to plant the seed of hope in her life. We offer up to 2 years, but women choose to stay varied amounts of days, months, or years. Statistically, it takes 7 different tries at a rehabilitation program before a survivor can fully hold on to restoration and a new way of life. Women enter our home at various places in their journey: for some, this is their first try at a program. For others, this may be their sixth attempt. What is most important to our staff during whatever the time variation of a resident’s stay is that she knows that there is place in this world where people want to support and empower her through the love of Christ.

  • A typical day in the life of the residents at our home is very structured. The day begins with breakfast and then daily devotional time at 9am. After devotions, the morning is filled with classes that are more therapeutic in nature, meaning individual therapy, group therapy, art therapy, etc. At noon, an hour is taken for lunch. Afternoon programming consists of a fitness hour and then classes that are more geared toward learning life skills. We choose this structure because the emotional work of therapy daily is very difficult. We try to do that work early on in the day so that the rest of the afternoon is used for classes and activities that can help the residents to decompress. Programming ends at 4:30 and is followed by a community meal. Evenings are considered free time for the residents in which we encourage them to implement hobbies or fellowship with each other. Lights out is at 11pm.

  • YES! Thanks for asking! Check out our Community Training page for more information.

  • We have so many opportunities! If you're looking to get involved financially, check out our Invest Today page to make a gift online, or explore other opportunities to give. Volunteers are vital to our program, and we are always looking for individuals who want to offer their time or skill sets! Check out our Get Involved page to learn more. We would love to partner with you, your business, your church, or community group. If you have an idea that you don't see listed, we want to hear it! You can share with us at office@edensglory.org.

  • Feel free to send us an email at office@edensglory.org. We would love to continue the conversation with you, your circle of influence, your church, your small group, or your school.