Eden's Glory is a home fortifying survivors, educating communities, and working to end human trafficking all for the glory of God.

We believe ending modern slavery is possible

and it starts with people like you. 


Our Approach

We combat human trafficking through three core initiatives

Our two-year treatment program for adult female survivors of human trafficking ages 18-45 is designed to treat each aspect of a survivor’s health—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational—to fully support her on her journey to holistic recovery.

Using a strengths-based, trauma-informed approach, we work with each resident to create and implement an individualized life plan. We provide 24-hour care in a Jesus-centered, family environment.


Fighting for my life is one of the hardest things I have ever done. And with the help of Eden’s Glory, I was able to do that.


A Home Where Hearts Are Transformed


image of freedom

A resident drew this to depict her transition from the streets to living at Eden’s Glory. Her art speaks of “the game” of sex trafficking in the US, the cruel reality she once knew, and what was happening as she eventually broke free from her bondage. The barcode beneath her is crumbling. What once was commodified is no longer for sale.

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