Eden's Glory is a home fortifying survivors, educating communities, and working to end human trafficking all for the glory of God. 

We offer a Christ-centered residential and outpatient treatment program for adult women, ages 18 thru 30 who are survivors of human trafficking. We resource community members and any key leaders to prevent and intervene in human trafficking in your community and ours.

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery.

Women, children, and men are held by force, unable to walk away, doing things they don’t want to do. 

Risk factors may include poverty, racism, abuse, runaways, domestic violence, unemployment and other lack of opportunities. In other words, human trafficking is the result of brokenness in individuals, communities, and systems. It happens here in the United States. Both foreign nationals and US citizens are exploited or enslaved in industries such as:

what we do

Survivors often lose their sense of self and pride through the lies, manipulation, abuse, coercion, and trauma of being trafficked. Many give up on dreams they once had. We’re here to help change that course so that survivors can heal and thrive for the glory of God.

Eden’s Glory has two main initiatives. The first is a two-year residential and out patient treatment program for female survivors of human trafficking ages 18-30. The other embodies our commitment to put an end to trafficking as we go and teach on the realities and solutions of trafficking.

Our residential program is designed to treat each aspect of a survivor’s health—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational—to fully support her on her journey to holistic recovery.

Our trainings are designed to ignite action in your community and resource others to engage in prevention and identification efforts so others aren't made subject to trafficking.

Using a strengths-based, trauma informed approach, we work with each resident to create and implement an individualized life plan. In addition to providing 24-hour care in a Jesus-centered family environment, some key aspects of our programming include:

an image of freedom

A resident drew this to depict her transition from the streets to living at Eden’s Glory. Her art speaks of “the game” of sex trafficking in the US, the cruel reality she once knew, and what was happening as she eventually broke free from her bondage. The barcode beneath her is crumbling. What once was commodified is no longer for sale.

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