Who we are

Kairos is Greek, meaning "an opportune moment for action and transformation." The vision of Foster Kairos is to provide connection and support to minors who have experienced extensive trauma, or are survivors of human trafficking, during a critical point in their lives. 

At Eden’s Glory, after working with adult survivors, we found that trafficking in most cases started before the age of 18. This is also confirmed in research that shows trafficking of minors usually occurs between the ages of 12-14 for girls and 7-9 for boys. Many of the survivors could have found freedom from trafficking years earlier if someone would have recognized the signs and provided support and care. We want to fill the gap to protect children and youth in our community. In response, we created Foster Kairos.

Who we serve

We serve minors between the ages of 5-17 who have experienced trauma or who have been trafficked. We provide care for these minors in a Christ-centered, relational, trauma-informed environment. These children or teens are provided with free individual therapy focused on healing from their abuse and trauma. They are also provided with free groups focused on life-skills such as fostering safe boundaries, developing coping skills, and creating safety plans.


We also serve parents, caretakers, and foster parents of these minors. We come around their families providing extra care and support, as well as specialized trainings to assist parents in caring for minors who have experienced extensive trauma in their lives.

What We Do

We believe that true and real healing comes from Jesus. Through free, Christ-centered, trauma-informed therapy we help minors work through their trauma to find freedom from their pain. We do this in relationship, in a safe environment, with qualified staff who are focused on holistic care. Our end goal is that children and teens will not end up needing a residential home for adult survivors in the future, thus putting ourselves out of business!