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you have landed here. 

Foster Kairos exists to provide connection and support to minors and their families who have experienced trauma, or are survivors of trafficking, during a critical point in their lives. 

You are not alone. 

what we offer

Trauma-informed care for minors ages 5-17 who have experienced trauma, or who are survivors of human trafficking. 

  • We offer care through individual therapy and age appropriate groups and classes with other survivors. 
  • The curriculum we use is specifically designed to address difficult issues and behaviors, navigate healing from trauma, develop new coping skills, enhance future safety, and reduce recidivism.
  • The therapy we offer follows a trauma focused Cognitive Behavioral format. 
  • All classes and groups are facilitated by staff with degrees and experience in working with people who have experienced complex trauma. 
  • Your child will be able to live at home with family while receiving the therapy and support they need to work through their trauma.

Specialized training for parents, caregivers, and foster agencies. We provide individualized support tailored to your family and situation. Our specialized trainings address:

  • Human trafficking
  • Trauma-informed care and complex trauma
  • De-escalation and Dealing with difficult behaviors
  • Suicide prevention
  • Internet safety
  • And more!

All therapy, classes, and trainings are trauma-informed, evidence- based, strengths-based, 

and Christ-centered.


Referral Agencies, Families, and Self-Referring Survivors:

Please follow the steps below.


To apply for Foster Kairos, follow these steps:

Contact our intake staff with questions regarding the process: 314.312.3539 or healing@edensglory.org

Please note responses to applications and contact will happen during normal business hours on weekdays.

  • Step One:

    To refer someone, please fill out our intake form. 
    Once completed, please email the form to kennedy@edensglory.org

  • Step two:

    Our Program Coordinator will review the intake form and set-up a call with the family to ask and answer questions for both parties. 

  • Step three:

    If the initial assessment of qualifying for Foster Kairos is met, the family will be invited in for the full intake to begin receiving services.


We offer services:

  • For minors who have experienced trauma
  • For minors who identify, or who have been identified, as survivors of human trafficking
  • For parents, foster parents, and caregivers of minors who have experienced extensive trauma
  • For parents, foster parents, or caregivers of minors who identify, or who have been identified, as survivors of human trafficking.

We are not:

  •       A live-in program or home
  •       A lock-down institutional juvenile facility
  •       A drug or rehab center