Workshop & Training Options

We believe that everyone has a role to play in the movement to end modern slavery.
Our trainings will help your team, church, school, or community gain insight into the realities of human trafficking in the US, learn more about the root causes, and develop practical strategies to intervene. 

We can preach on the topic of human trafficking forming a theological framework, and offer the following customized workshops. 


  • Training for youth, parents, and educators:

    • internet safety
    • how to recognize signs of trafficking
    • internet safety
    • prevention and response strategies
    • trauma-informed and strengths based approaches
  • Trainings for medical personnel, law enforcement + other service providers:

    • how to recognize and respond to potential
      human trafficking 
    • understanding the effects of trauma trauma-informed and strength-based approaches
  • Training for church and communities:

    • identifying and responding to human trafficking
    • how to develop and implement strategies to prevent trafficking

  • Training for colleges (including classes and chapel sessions):

    • about human trafficking and how it affects our faith, social work, criminal justice, business, community development, and other systems
  • Speaker Packets

    Rev. Ginger Coakley

    Winda, Survivor and EG Graduate

    Annie Schomaker, LCSW

raves + REVIEWS

"Annie and Ginger successfully brought a vision and calling to action creating a Christ centered restoration home for women escaping the trafficked life. We hosted a two day, education event in California attended by over fifty participants. Their expertise and presentation is exceptional connecting the need, the threat and the path to peace balancing the spiritual and clinical elements of healing. I would recommend them as trainers, presenters and experts on the subject of human trafficking and how to establish a way out through restoration."

-Michael Aspland, Assistant Police Chief (Ret.) Monterey Bay

There’s a lot of talk these days about “human trafficking.” Would you recognize it if you saw it? It often exists right before our eyes. Do you know that American citizens—our very own men, women, AND children—are being forced to work or engage in sexual acts? They are. Every day across United States. Want to know more? And how YOU can join the fight to STOP human trafficking? Contact my friends and freedom fighters, Annie Schomaker and Ginger Coakley, with Eden’s Glory."

-Community member and parent


Options: 1 hour long sessions, half day trainings and full-day trainings. 

Costs: Mileage and travel costs must be covered, as well as a stipend to compensate for these services: $100/hour for non-profits, $300/hour for service providers. One free session is offered per year for pledged donors and for % for Freedom partners.