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Every moment at Eden's Glory is an opportunity for

hope, healing and restoration. 

Your gift makes a lasting impact and creates more opportunities

for survivors. Every gift matters. Each and every one.

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"we count it a great joy to give monthly to the work of rescue and restoration." 

Eden's Defender since 2018

Eden's Defenders is a passionate community of individuals committed to making freedom and restoration a reality for all. To join the Defenders, make a monthly commitment to invest in freedom and receive impact updates from our Executive Directors. 

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"I am so impressed with the way you structure the care of [survivors] and your employees. I am so honored to be able to give to this amazingly worthy work that glorifies God in every detail.  Thank you for your devoted, ceaseless use of your skill sets and gifts in this work"  - Eden's Glory Donor

"I love being able to see the outcome of what's happening [at Eden's Glory], because it's happening in community. I am continuously impacted by the joy of Eden's Glory residents." - Eden's Defender

"Professional expertise and Jesus Christ. When you mix both of those that’s a very powerful ministry that we are 100% behind in every single way. We know that this ministry is a hard ministry... which makes our involvement that much more important." - Eden's Defender

Other Ways to give

We invite you to get creative in your giving and multiply your impact.

There are many ways you can support Eden's Glory through what you do every day.

  • Host a Freedom dinner

    Discover how you and your community can combat human trafficking over dinner prepared by a professional chef in the comfort of your own home! Invite your friends to join you for an evening of good food and inspiration. If you or your friend are interested in hosting a dinner, send us an email at

  • become a Corporate Partner

    Own a business? You can fortify survivors too! Find out how you can become a % for Freedom Partner by contacting us at

  • leverage matching gifts

    Many companies will offer to match your contributions up to a specified amount. This leverages your employer’s philanthropic support and maximizes your gift to Eden's Glory. 

    Talk to your employer today!

    1) You Donate 2) They Match 3) Double your Impact

  • give to the morgan scholarship

    Become a part of Tom & Betty Morgan's legacy by giving to their scholarship fund for survivors. Upon graduation, this scholarship matches a survivor's savings as she begins the next part of her story. 

  • shop Amazon Smile

    When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to Eden's Glory. Support us every time you shop. Start at every time you shop.

  • shop Giving Assistant

    Donate while you shop! Giving Assistant helps you donate a percentage of your cash back earnings with every purchase you make at 3,000+ popular online retailers. You’ll also find exclusive Joann coupons, as well as big savings at places like Gap, Best Buy and Kohl's! 

    Get the Button for your browser: give easily & save instantly.

  • drink Prairie Farms Milk

    1) Drink Prairie Farms Milk or Iced Coffee. 2) Peel the Sticker. 3) Enter the Code Here. Eden's Glory recieves 5¢ per cap!

    Collect at your church or office or classroom and multiply the benefit!

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