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High Quality Candidates will have the following qualities:

  • Strong commitment to and relationship with Christ.
  • Operate as Team Player
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ability to work independently with integrity
  • Teachable
  • Working knowledge of Trauma Informed Care
  • Understanding and passion regarding the issue of Human Trafficking/Modern day slavery

"My team is always supportive whether it's in the ministry or personal!"--EG program staff

The following Positions are Open:

To apply: send cover letter, resume, and completed application to:

  • Program director

    The Program Director is prayerfully responsible for the efficient and successful functioning of the Eden’s Glory program. These duties can be broken down into three major areas of responsibility: Clinical Management, Utilization of Resources Management, and Employee Management. The Program Director provides for the Spirit-led implementation of the holistic therapeutic program, directs and coordinates the activities of staff to ensure quality client care, incorporates financial accountability into unit activities, and demonstrates the highest level of professionalism in work behavior.

    To apply: send coverletter, resume, and completed application to:

  • Assistant House Manager--1 year minimum commitment

    JOB SUMMARY:  The assistant house manager is prayerfully responsible for the successful functioning of the home for evenings & nights or weekends. The responsibilities can be broken down into five areas: Safety, Schedule adherence, Mentoring, Health Care & Domestic Skill Development. The assistant house manager invests in relationships as a daily mentor and role model to residents for all aspects of Christian communal living. These activities include resident participation in a healthy evening / weekend routine (as indicated by the program structure), assisting in routine maintenance, food preparation, enforcement of rules & policies, ensuring the safety of each resident, and promoting resident independence, dignity, and respect and facilitating the residents’ healthcare.

    To apply: send coverletter, resume, and completed application to:

  • Internships--1 year minimum Commitment

    Looking for a hands on, immersed experience? Are you studying social work? counseling? business? marketing? ministry? We tailor your intern experience striking a balance between your skills & education and our needs. 

    to apply: send coverletter, resume, and completed application to: