Joining our team means entering a community of dedicated professionals who quickly become family.

  • Co-Founder and Executive Director

    My name is Ginger, I am humbled that God called me to lead something like this. Eden’s Glory is an act of courage and obedience, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It is also an honor to have a front row seat to the transforming power and grace of God. In 2010 I was completely unaware that slavery still existed. When I heard, I devoured information from statistics to documentaries, to narrative accounts. I was heart broken at the reality. I was angered by the injustice, and I was CALLED to do something about it. So I quit my job, moved to Illinois, got married, bought a house, had a baby, and started a ministry all in the same year. Crazy! We have been open since September 2015 and have served 7 women so far. Come, let us tell you so so many stories!


    Co-Founder and Director of Development

    Annie is a licensed clinical social worker with vast experience of casework, counseling, and training in her field. In 2004, God moved her heart to fight for the broken, the enslaved, and challenge systemic injustices and she has never turned back. Annie is the co-founder and lead program developer for Eden's Glory. MANY hours of learning, research, networking, writing, revising, wrestling, creativity, heart, and PRAYER have been given to the creation of a two-year treatment program for survivors of human trafficking. Annie will lead the program, with God's help and grace, to focus on the women and their pursuit of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational restoration.


    Lead House Manager

    Missy is a 2016 grad from Greenville College, receiving Social Work and Urban Ministries degrees. Her senior year of high school, Missy read a book which gave a glimpse of the life of the men, women and children in slavery today. Since then, the Lord has grown the desire to aid in the restoration of those who have been affected by modern day slavery. She is excited to join the Eden's Glory team! Missy loves to explore the outdoors, create art, spend time in conversation and hopes to provide similar engaging experiences for the women at Eden's Glory. She believes laughter heals, so wants to spread joy as often as possible to the staff and residents at Eden's. She encourages "firsts" as much as possible. That might be a first time skating on ice, or first time eating the core of an apple! But "firsts" bring joy; and Missy is all about joy!

  • Traci Roa

    Assistant House Manager

    Traci Roa is graduate of Greenville University with her Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and a minor certificate in Spanish. She is a young and driven woman with a heart full of passion and love. During high school and her earlier years of college Traci found God when she was at her lowest point, and continued to keep moving forward. These experiences have opened her heart to helping people and is extremely excited to be a part of Eden’s Glory to make a difference. She has goals to work with the youth or maybe open her own home one day. Traci loves doing makeup, nails, and toes and would love to do these things for residents to help improve self-image and confidence. She believes that feeling good about yourself is a stepping stone to a full and happy life.

  • Holly Hampsch

    Volunteer Coordinator & Case Manager

    Holly is an Alumni of Greenville College with an Education Degree. When attending a Passion Conference in 2010, she learned about the devastation of modern-day slavery. Since that day, God has given Holly a passion to have a hands-on opportunity in helping victims find freedom. Eight years later and a move back home took her on a path that led her to Eden’s Glory. Holly is our Volunteer Coordinator and Case Manager for Women’s Health.

  • Join our team--Internships

    Looking for a hands on, immersed experience? Are you studying social work? counseling? business? marketing? ministry? We tailor your intern experience striking a balance between your skills, education and our needs.

    To apply: email annie@edensglory.org